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British band relocated to Madrid looks for drummer and bass player
British band relocated to Madrid looks for drummer and bass player

Independent British band relocated to Madrid is looking for a bass player and dummer. (25-30)

The band has a distinctive sound and unique variation of rock draws inspiration from older and more contemporary bands, some of which include U2, Placebo, The Cure, New Order, Coldplay, and The Killers.

They have toured in support of their debut album performing shows in sizeable theatres and venues across Europe and the United States, including Festivals such Exit Festival 2012 (Serbia) opening for Duran Duran and Arenal Sound Festival (Spain).

Their lastest video The video was officially released to the public at The British Film Institute (BFI) on September 9th, 2016. In just a few weeks, Tokyo reached Position 7 of Europe's MTV Adria Top 20 Charts, won First Runner-Up at the 'Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival Awards', reached Top 5 for 'Best Music Video' at The Crystal Palace International Film Festival Awards and made it as Top 16 finalists for the UK Unsigned Music Awards.

Now focus on mastering their second upcoming album which is soon due for release.