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Indie rock drummer looking a band

Hi everyone! It´s me Juan (drummer). I recently moved to Madrid. Is anyone interested in starting a Garage / indie Rock band? Yes, in 2020! I have a lot of experience on stages and studio recordings and have played with people from all over the world. If anyone is up for jamming or even just drinks to get to know each other, let me know! After that let´s see what happens. Thanks!

mail to: xperimentalfeatures@gmail.com

Influences: Interpol, The Strokes, BRMC, The Vaccines and some oldies like Stone Roses, The Cult, The Verve, The Jesus & Mary Chain, The Charlatans, Echo & The Bunnymen etc.

Some stuff from ex bands: https://open.spotify.com/album/4qwIpSWYXIB4dQaNchs5pK?si=-sna_dxUTKqaqy-CsQKjAg


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Hey! My name is Gian, I’m a singer and would be very interested in getting in touch again with the music and more specifically the genre you’ve mentioned, but I’m open for anything that might work! It’s been 7 years or so since I last performed with a band, bit I’ve still got it hahaha! I used to sing queens of the stoneage, red hot, the kooks, the killers and similar bands. If you wanna meet to maybe start a music project or hang out and talk about music I think it’s always positive! I speak spanish, english and italian.